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Sinca Industries commenced operations in 1983 and is known to be a trading company of specialty chemical and pharmaceutical materials. Our aim is to be customer oriented and excel in our service to all our customers to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Welcome to Sinca Industries

Sinca is a trading company that specialises in supplying food additives, industrial and animal medicines chemicals to businesses across Australia. We work closely with China to source raw chemical and pharmaceutical materials and minerals.

Our speciality is in the area of food additives and animal health chemicals such as:

Sinca has representatives in China and will liaise with factories and manufacturers to ensure our customers' product arrives in the best condition.

Decades of Trading Experience

Sinca has a track record as an approved supplier for many world-leading establishments. With over 27 years of trading history, our customers are confident we will deliver food additives, industrial chemicals and animal medicines in a timely manner.

Our customer track records list includes Pfizer, Berri Ltd, Masterfoods, Cadbury Schweppes, Golden Circle, Virbac, Schering-Plough, P & N Beverages, Mildura Fruits and many more.

Sinca will liaise with representatives in China to deliver animal health and industrial chemicals to anywhere in Australia. We will search for a suitable chemical and mineral manufacturer, set up a reputable supplier in China and facilitate shipping to Australian destinations.

As we have warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we can ship Australia wide and have the capabilities to store raw food additives, ascorbic acids, citric acids, industrial chemicals and other animal medicines.


Sinca Industries supply raw materials to number of different Australian industries.

Our chemicals and oils can be used in a wide number of different industries with our suppliers providing different grades of material appropriate to its end use. The following list are an example of some of the industries that our products are used in:

Food and Beverage

Sinca Industries supply a large range of raw material product to the food and beverage industry. We can supply the following raw materials which include:

Cleaning and Detergents

Paint industry



Personal Care

Animal Medicines and Industrial Chemicals

Sinca markets hundreds of organic and inorganic raw materials, sourced from some of the leading chemical manufacturers in China. We supply materials to those in the food and beverage and animal health industries.

Our range of food additives and animal health chemicals include:

Sinca has the capabilities to source materials in a timely manner and pride ourselves on a fast turn-around time for our customers. Our established relationships in China enable us to place orders for items within 24 hours' notice.

Why Choose Us?

Sinca sources raw materials from China and can bring in a variety of industrial chemicals and animal medicines to anywhere in Australia. Our long trading history and experience working in China makes us a trusted trading company.

Sinca has the personnel, experience and qualifications to deliver materials and minerals Australia-wide.

To learn how Sinca can source citric acid, eucalyptus oil, acid ascorbic, sodium benzonate, citric acid anhydrous, citic acid monohydrate, levamisole, fenbendazole, Potassium Sorbate, cyromazine, or other animal medicine and industrial chemicals for your business, email us at or submit an enquiry form.

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